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 In September of 2017, JoomlaShine decided to restore all JSN free templates after nearly a year discontinued. Because of the huge transformation on official website, maintaining the platform for all free templates download becomes our serious challenge. But now thanks to an agile team with hardworking and proactive developers, the free JSN templates subscriptions are available again with a lot of new updates.

As one of the most popular source of templates for Joomla! Users, JoomlaShine always keep improving quality and quantity of templates in both free and pro subscriptions. And now with the remarkable upgrades from JSN Sun Framework and the new generation JSN PageBuilder 3, the whole new JoomlaShine free templates are very promising to become suitable choice for new users who start to work with JoomlaShine products.

 In spite of some limitation in comparison with pro subscriptions, the free versions still have remarkable features such as modern and professional designs, easy-to-use sample data with all free versions of JSN extensions, and support from JoomlaShine social group and forum. Therefore, JoomlaShine recommends users who are beginners at Joomla! CMS should start with JSN templates free versions. The products are created to achieve our mission that is to make Joomla! becomes easier and more friendly.

 In addition, JoomlaShine has plan to produce more brand new templates for all industries, especially for niches that comprise low proportions in total JSN templates, all of them also have free versions. For this November, there will be a worth waiting templates named JSN Ultranet, the template is for intranet website with neat and informative design. The release of JSN Ultranet will be published on our official blog and social channels. Let's subscribe JSN Newsletter to be informed about our new product releases and get update with all news from JoomlaShine and Joomla! Ecosystem.

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